A more proactive and personal approach to talent management

Our cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solution uses machine learning to improve the way you hire, develop, engage and inspire your people.

Find Better Candidates, Hire Smarter

Our cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solution Enable a social, predictive and collaborative hiring process.

Help your people grow and succeed

Personal and relevant recommendations of classes, content and experts

Social groups connect learners with each other and the material

Embedded web and video meetings enable collaboration and coaching.

Plan for success by aligning goals

Set individual goals that align with manager goals and company strategy

Manage progress towards goals on the go, from any mobile device or tablet

Align your workforce and reward top performers

Reduce risk and demonstrate value

Simplify and strengthen certification and compliance programs. Demonstrate learner success and improve programs with assessments, surveys and evaluations

Increase employee engagement and feedback

Foster a culture of continuous coaching and feedback to elevate performance. Recognize everyday excellence through social impressions, leaderboards and badges

Integrate and extend learning with ease

Drag and drop the Workday, Salesforce or other system connector in Saba Marketplace. Also Instant access to thousands of eLearning courses

Engage and enable your extended enterprise

Provide and track formal and informal learning on a global basis. Support multiple audiences with targeted promotions, pricing and curricula for each