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To deliver an intuitive Smart Home experience for your customers, you need robust systems design and embedded software. The Embitel engineering team’s technology expertise has been helping customers to deliver such results globally.

Who doesn’t dream to live in a smart home? Every task like closing the window shutters to adjusting the temperature can happen in just a single touch of your finger or by simply speaking, “ Switch off the light please.” So are you eager to turn your home into a smart home? Opton Automation, the best home automation services in Kerala, turns your dreams to reality.

    Smart Home feature of Opton automation, the best smart home automation in Kerala, provides you with a home that speaks of class, comfort and convenience. Your life becomes a cakewalk with our services. Relax on your sofa and enjoy the music, movie, etc by just pressing a button. Simple adjust the shades and shutter of your windows with a remote and simply turn off the devices and gadgets with a simple press when you are going out. Every aspect of your home will be at your fingertip.

  • Effective time management.
  • Remote control of A/C, TV, Fan & Lights. Enhanced productivity.
  • A boon for elderly and physically disabled people.
  • Highly secured home with the best security devices like CCTV camera, security alarms installed.
  • PLC enabled remote control gates.
  • A highly secured home is a fun space for kids.
  • Efficient energy space which reduces electricity bills.
  • HVAC Controls with automatic on/off option helps in temperature regulation and saves energy.
  • The latest automation systems can help you to create a green environment, contributing greatly towards bringing down the pollution.
  • Pollution free home environment .
  • You can control and monitor the security of your home when you are travelling.
  • Smartphone application enabled home control systems that let you decide how your home should function.