Whenever you plan to set up a new business, using company incorporation services guides you into ensuring that everything is done as per the plan. For entrepreneurs, it is necessary that they juggle multiple tasks and priorities before finally being able to set up a business of their own. If the basics of company formation are clearly chalked out, it determines your future trajectory of growth coupled with how your liabilities, taxes and other important parameters would shape up.

Any external company incorporation service provider will be able to let you decide what kind of organization you want to set up firstly. The following are the 4 types of business structures in India that you can select from and ways in which you can use company incorporation services to help you set up a new business.

LLP company formation means two or more people coming together to start something in which both of them have similar interests. While each partner is solely responsible for the losses, the tax submissions are done on an individual basis, hence making registering the company process simpler for you. Once you have decided on who to set up the business with, it becomes the responsibility of the service provider to ensure that all papers and procedures are in place. Right from writing a business plan to setting up the tax liabilities for both the partners; these can be easily passed on to external service providers. Best incorporation services ensure that the following points are taken care of while sealing the partnership agreement.
  • Partnership information, i.e. everything related to their financial information and physical location.
  • Dividing the profit percentage as per the work expected out of each partner will ensure that the possibilities of disputes arising later on, is minimized.
  • In case a dispute does arise, it should be put on paper as to how it will be dealt with. This ensures that in critical situations, there is no room for mudslinging.
  • Lastly, it is critical to decide what the exit strategy should be. If one partner decides to leave the business, the process should be simple and without any burden to any of the other partners.
    • Sole Proprietorship– One of the most common forms of company setup, this one provides full managerial control to one person. It is fairly easy to setup, however if you already have your hands full on other job responsibilities, it is advisable to assign them to a company formation services Most of all, it is imperative that the following points are taken care of while proceeding with the initial processes.
    • One of the key benefits of hiring company formation services is getting an understanding of the liabilities involved as the owner gets to face the backlash in any adverse circumstances.
    • The entire income that would be accrued is counted as your profit and hence is liable for taxation. Understanding taxation laws and ways to use them to remove the hurdles from your business growth is important. Consulting an external taxation advisor therefore comes handy in such situations.
    • While an LLC is more protected in terms of debts and other liabilities you will have to handle all these processes on your own. Using business formation services will help take care of that, and apart from the above mentioned things your business operating licenses, paperwork, etc. are also taken care of.
  • Corporation– The process of setting up a company in India of this profile is expensive to establish and run. This is probably because the corporation is an entity which handles all the responsibilities of the organization. It can be held liable for any kind of actions and can be taxed too. Once you have decided about this form of business, you might want to know the methods by which you can make the process comfortable.

    • Firstly, it is understood that any limited company formation would need licenses to operate even if you are just a freelancer. Your company incorporation service provider would ensure and find out what kind of licenses and approvals are required before starting your work.
    • The setting up of a corporation requires a lot more paperwork as opposed to any other business format. For anyone who is just stepping into the field too much legal work is cumbersome to handle. Therefore, look for top affordable business formation services that have done such work before and let them guide you better.
    • Company incorporation in India requires that corporate bylaws are set and can be used by the board of directors to handle all kinds of disputes as and when they arise. Even though this information is clearly available on the internet, it is always advisable to use the help of business formation service providers as they have a correct understanding of the same.
    • Limited Liability Company– An LLC, as it is also known, allows the owners to be able to take advantage of the benefits of both the corporation and partnership formats. The profits and losses are both passed on to founders without any taxation of the business itself. It is hence also one of the best business formation methods for small time starters to pick up. The following points need to be taken care of while kick-starting an LLC.
    • You would also need operating licenses and compliance certificates from the necessary authorities. Delegating this responsibility to an external business formation company would give you ample time and leverage to divert your attention to something more fruitful.
    • Though entrepreneurs can handle a lot of business setup processes on their own, sometimes taking external help really proves useful in the long run. There are a lot of legal and operational issues which need to be taken care of and if you are not careful you might just end up delaying the entire process. It is, however, necessary that you choose the correct specialist to provide you with the right guidance. Look for reviews of existing company formation service providers on the internet before finally making your choice.

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